Apr 9, 2010

My Day

I smell something fishy la dekat dia.. He act kinda weird.

Well, anyway I am already in the office. This morning I felt a bit unwell. Feels like I'm gonna catch that fever or flu or something. My mouth felt dry and I can feel that my body is heating up from the inside. I manage to drove Ekyn to school and able to get to the office before anybody else. Alhamdulillah.

I was wondering though why there are so many cars at the other side of the road while I was driving pass the Bukit Jalil Stadium. It was jammed all the way from the hockey Stadium. Offcourse it affected the road that I was on to because people tried to do a U-turned when they saw the heavy traffic. Is it because of the Metrojaya Sale that's going to be held there?

Have you listened to the Jason Derulo song, What'cha Say? The female singer sounded so much like Gwen Steffani. Was it Gwen who sang the chorus?

I am trying to prepare a complete main course for steak. I've already succeeded making my homemade mashed potato from scratch, the vege are not that hard to make but now it all comes down to the steak. So wish me luck to go all adventure on my steak. Am not sure how many steak will be the victim of my 'tak jadi' steak recipe. But at least I tried kan? Since steak is not that cheap so I need to make sure that less mistake is better.

p/s: Ian is funny.

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