Mar 31, 2010

It could happen to you

Aku tak sempurna.
Aku bukan baik macam dia.
Aku insan biasa.
Ada yang tak kenal cakap aku sombong lagi.

Tapi aku jadi menyampah bila dia buat diri dia seolah-olah dia lah yang menjadi mangsa keadaan. If only people know the truth... Aku mengerti seseorang itu mampu berubah menjadi lebih baik namun kepercayaan yang telah dimusnahkan oleh dia mungkin takkan dia dapat balik.

Ramai yang masih terpedaya dengan kata-kata dusta dia.
Susah untuk aku percaya orang yang ada sifat macam dia...
Selagi orang nak percaya dia dan salah faham tentang aku, aku leh buat ape? Go ahead.

Nak percaya dia, percaya laa... Diluar bidang kuasa aku.

Aku cuma tumpang simpati bila satu hari nanti orang finally nampak there's something wrong dgn dia then baru org faham.. So just be careful.

Mar 30, 2010

Silent killer

You were asking a question where you should already know the answer my very dearest 'friend'. Was it a nice deed that you were doing without any hidden agenda dear? My.. my.. my... Who are you trying to fool..? :) All the lies you've been spreading just so you get what you want? I wonder why do you have to go that low.. People who lied at the very first time they meet them, ain't cool... You're not cool why do you think that you are in the first place?

I've met people like you before.

You know, at the end of the day you're gonna be all alone and never knew who's your real friends are because you know why? Because you are full of shit and you keep on making fools out of people who really believes in you and all you are going to have is just yourself and your own shit.

You're never gonna be happy don't you realize that already?

People ain't nice to you because you're not being truthful my dear and why you blame them for the things you did to your own self? Can't you see that? Are you really that dumb?

I hope you could change and see the damages you've done to the person that you said you cared so much.. It was you who is selfish enough to not want to realize the truth and you decide to let people be miserable..

Wake up!!! It was you!!

Mar 25, 2010

grong geng jeng jeng

Siapa kate dah besar, dah habis sekolah, tak belajar.. Hish... mengarut.. Everyday is a learning process for everybody.. Tak kisah la pegi belajar tinggi-tinggi kat U di oversea atau sekadar belajar takat SPM..

Mungkin kerana pengalaman hidup membuatkan kita aware pada sekeliling dan pada orang yang kita jumpa. Sometimes orang itu nampak sangat baik, sangat manis bila bercakap tapi ada udang disebalik batu rupanya. Adakalanya kita cuba jugak untuk tepis everything sebab kita rasa "takkan dia macam tu kot?".. tu la.. whenever there's doubt, there must be something wrong with the person..

And most of the time.. the gut or we can call it instinct, was totally right.

The person is taking advantage of you. No wonder you feel all that awkwardness sometime ehh...?

Ada jugak people yang terlalu taksub pandang someone.. sampai nampak dari segi luaran jee... (hehehehe).. they dont know what is going on.. So they make more ketupat and drowning in their own misreable life.. and the other people is actually living and figuring out what they're gonna do next...

I believe we need to be wiser at times dealing with these kind of mentally sick and manipulative people. Wish you all the best in life yall..

Mar 8, 2010


Sometimes you're thinking or thought that you might have done the right thing.. but just think again.. It may not be what you think it is.

How ironic when a person is suggesting something and well, they are acting totally the opposite from what they suggested? hah.. not gonna waste my time to argue with that cause there'll be no end what so ever.

We may talked bad things about other people but did we realize the more we talk bad about people the more we show people of how we truly are? How insecure we are? How we desperately want attention? Exhausting rite?

There's just no happiness there either?

Does it really gives you any satisfaction?

Its just like a poison to you every single day and it makes you feel like a loser everytime.

*I know I couldn't count on you.. Thanks for making me believe it might come true.. :)

Mar 1, 2010

we all missed you.

Wow! A very hectic weekends I should say. But it was all fun. Spending time with my love ones..

Nothing more lovely than to wake up to a home made nasi lemak, went out for a walk on a very lovely morning, spending the time at the playground. If only I bought the memory card I could have recorded a lot more memory than what I have in my phones right now.

I wish him well.

You do know we're on the same boat. You and me there's not many difference.
Hoping to see you again.

Wish you well. Take care my lurrvvee..


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