Jan 9, 2012

Arriana Melissa

Memula Cip ingat nak email Cik Arriana nih tapi takpe lah Cip post kat sini je lah. Kalau Arriana baca, baca lah.. Kalau tak baca tu, pun takpe..

Dear Arriana,
I've finally done reading all your posts since 2009. I didn't know the existence of your blog till recently when I was googling the recipe for butter prawn. Entah macam mana, I am not sure but I came across pasal Kevin tu and it fascinate me. I did read abit the latest in the beginning tapi sebab tak tahu pokok pangkal cerita tu therefore I started reading from the first postIt took me around two weeks I guess to be able to finish all the posts (If am not mistaken). Sampai tang tengah, timbul pasal Clara and I wonder who is this Clara.. tu yang I keep on reading. 

Well, frankly even though your love life still dalam keadaan pending macam tu but somehow when Clara is with you, I feel happy and proud of you. I believe that you and Kevin will be together.. One day Insyallah.. Just hang in there okay Arriana.. 
Btw, reading your post masa zaman belajar dulu buat saya mengimbas zaman saya di universiti dulu. Walaupun saya tak bercinta masa tu (gosip² tu ada la) tapi the way you cerita with all those classes of yours, assignments, projects, carik makan and minum, hangouts.. same je ceritanya.. Dah nama pun zaman belajar kan..

I wish for your happiness and Clara too.. Eventho just kenal you in the virtual world.. but.. you teach me alot.. Thank you for that.. Don't change who you are okay Arriana.. Assalammua'laikum.. All the best..

P palang s: This is a letter to a young girl called Arriana Melissa. You can read her blog --->Cerita bvlgarigirl 

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