Mar 8, 2010


Sometimes you're thinking or thought that you might have done the right thing.. but just think again.. It may not be what you think it is.

How ironic when a person is suggesting something and well, they are acting totally the opposite from what they suggested? hah.. not gonna waste my time to argue with that cause there'll be no end what so ever.

We may talked bad things about other people but did we realize the more we talk bad about people the more we show people of how we truly are? How insecure we are? How we desperately want attention? Exhausting rite?

There's just no happiness there either?

Does it really gives you any satisfaction?

Its just like a poison to you every single day and it makes you feel like a loser everytime.

*I know I couldn't count on you.. Thanks for making me believe it might come true.. :)

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