Mar 30, 2010

Silent killer

You were asking a question where you should already know the answer my very dearest 'friend'. Was it a nice deed that you were doing without any hidden agenda dear? My.. my.. my... Who are you trying to fool..? :) All the lies you've been spreading just so you get what you want? I wonder why do you have to go that low.. People who lied at the very first time they meet them, ain't cool... You're not cool why do you think that you are in the first place?

I've met people like you before.

You know, at the end of the day you're gonna be all alone and never knew who's your real friends are because you know why? Because you are full of shit and you keep on making fools out of people who really believes in you and all you are going to have is just yourself and your own shit.

You're never gonna be happy don't you realize that already?

People ain't nice to you because you're not being truthful my dear and why you blame them for the things you did to your own self? Can't you see that? Are you really that dumb?

I hope you could change and see the damages you've done to the person that you said you cared so much.. It was you who is selfish enough to not want to realize the truth and you decide to let people be miserable..

Wake up!!! It was you!!

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