Mar 23, 2011

Dear Farreal,

How are you doing so far? You know what? Me and your dad misses you so so so much.. It is very heartbreaking and frustrating that we can't see you or even hear anything about you. How is your little brother doing? Can he talk? He he he.. I bet he's already know how to respond to you when you talk to him ey..

Farreal, we think about you all the time. Me and your dad always talked about the time we all spent together when you were here. The picture of you that your dad took, that's the closest thing we get to even look at you. We were wondering how tall you are now. I know its only been 82 days since we last saw you but still, we know you must have grown a bit taller each and everyday.

How is school treating you? Do you have a lot of friends? Are they nice to you? You should be nice too you know. How are the teachers? Do you have anyone that you admire?? He he he.. I bet you do. What's her name?

Farreal, me and your dad have been planning all this vacations for you. We are only waiting for you to come home. When are you coming home? Everybody misses you. Naufal is few days old now. Don't you wanna see Naufal? Sometimes, we mistakenly call Naufal Ues.. yup.. It is not just me but your Ibu, Abah, Bubu and Yayah ya know. We are still waiting to see you.

Farreal, please come home. This feeling of missing you all the time is so unbearable. That has never been a day that me and your dad never think of you. We love and misses you.

Take care and be good.


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