Mar 29, 2011

Fashionista & Shopaholic

*credit from Lil Choms FB Page.

New stuff! New Stuff!

Okay.. Okay.. I know it ain't much but would like to share 'bout this one accessories line created by my very dear friend Sobby. You can check her line out HERE. She named it Lil Choms because that is what she'd always call her lil Farish since he was in her tummy. During her pregnancy, she's already mentioned Farish and update almost everything about him to her FB friends like all the time. She'll update his development through out her pregnancy and with his special name Lil Choms. Time fly so fast huh.. Well Farish is 6 months old now.. Yeay!! So she developed a new hobby, making jeweleries and other accessories. Gotta tell ya, it is so so cool and awsome! Just check it out yourself. Click HERE.

I've already booked one for my liltle sister, Yana. Woohuuu!

The first time she post this design, I am automatically fall in love with it, PM her and ordered right away.

*credit from Lil Choms FB Page.

It is not just about the design but what you think of it the first time you saw it. I mean, for any jeweleries itself, you're buying it because it remind you of something that you really like. So this one, reminds me of the Shopaholic Novels by Sophie Kinsella. Not saying I've read all of it but I do got the chance of reading a few myself. If you'd like, you can read it too. Have a nice day!!

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