Jun 4, 2010

Bila dia hidup dalam dunia dia sendiri

Leonardo dah semakin dewasa..

Cerita ni sangat-sangat confusing. No wonder. Hmm.. Director nak penonton sendiri alami dan melihat dunia menerusi mata Teddy (Dicaprio, Lenardo). Tak payah la aku bagitau ending citer ni. Tengok la sendiri.

Yang aku boleh katakan ialah Teddy berada dalam dunia dia sendiri. Berapa lama? terlalu lama.

It happen to many of us where nobody realize it until it was too late. They say things that they don't really mean just for the sake of making people feel bad and making themselves look good. I think one of the main reason is just simply that they're not happy with their life and think other people's life is much much more interesting and worth living.

These people hold grudges from the past and indulges pity parties. Their bitterness has created mental problems. They are bitter with life, people and themselves. They also have a hard time forgiving people. They resent others opinions even though it seems like they took it very well and they get jealous of others happiness.

What can I say. Life is too short to please people that will never be happy. It is so impossible to please everyone so they won't talk bad things behind your back. They are a distractions that are causing people to become miserable. Time is too valuable and not worth losing by responding to them because all they want is to argue. The more people go in reaching their goals or making a difference in the world, there will be more people who will criticize and try to destroy it. Therefore, what ever they said must be ignored in order to focus on positive things.

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