Jun 3, 2010

Through The Eyes of The World

Finally I've been able to grab my hands on Celine's latest documentary Through The Eyes of The World. I've heard 'bout it few times but I didn't even realized this film until I came across it one day on the youtube.

Well, as usual I was searching for Celine's latest live performances when I saw the title movie advertisement. I thought it was her latest album or something. I also watched most of her interviews, talking about this film and at the end of the interview the reporter asked her about her pregnancy and how she able to share it to the world. I was like "She's pregnant? Again?" It was such a good news for her because I know how she wants another baby so so much. Then when I saw it already came out on February 2010, I knew the dvdmust be already in stores.

Lucky me when I walked into Speedy shop the next day, the dvd just came in. OMG!!! I am so excited but were not able to buy it then since my salary hasn't been released yet. I just drooled while looking at the dvd cover and make it my goal that I''m gonna buy it first thing after getting my salary. I was so excited. What can I say.

It was a torture whenever I walked pass by any music shops because they'll be showing it on the main tv.

And it was 2 weeks after that (last night) I am able to buy & watch it. And guess what? Kuala Lumpur also featured in there. I know nobody can't see my face (only Dato' Siti & Dato' K) but still I was there at the concert. HAHAHAHA...

Ketahuilah wahai Dato' Siti, saya amat menjelesi kamu kerana dapat bergambar dengan Celine Dion itu.

A big dissapointment though when they featured Kuala Lumpur only for a few minutes. She just came for the sound check, concert and then off she go to the next. ~sigh~

I still kept the ticket in my wallet.

My late mom thought of going to Celine Concert in Las Vegas during our vacation there but we were too late. It already ended. Therefore, I was quite surprised when she willing to buy the most expensive seats during Celine's tour in KL. Me and my sis was like crazy knowing we're going to Celine concert. Well, it was the last concert the we went together with her. That's why it was very very meaningful. Plus we get to be seated on the same row with the iron lady Datin Maznah and other VIPs. I wish I get to to see her concert again.

Celine is humble and I adore her for that. She also realize the gift given by god to her and she use it well. Making differences through her music that is full of love, miracle & hope. I am so touched watching it since I am one of her biggest fan... Love Celine, Love her music!!

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