Jun 7, 2010


I just read ZerotoHero blog.. B, I know you missed him so much. Me and the others too. We are just doing the best we can. You've done your best too. Just hang in there. Insyallah, in the end everything will be okay. You just gotta hang in there.

I am not as busy like last week. Last saturday I was doing a make up for Fatimah's engagement in Sri Petaling. She who never wears a make up before for the first time in her life wears make up for her engagement. I should add hear that what a very large and lovely house you have. And how everyone is so nice and friendly to me. Thank you.
Gotta chance to meet with her best friends. Nice knowing all of ya. :D
That night went to Atok’s house because my aunt was having a barbeque and they asked for everybody to come. Went back home the next day with Iman. Iman and Yana cannot be separated. They said they are siammese twins. Well, I am the one that have to send them to Damansara anyway.
Later that afternoon they already eager to go for a swim. Iman counted every minutes when I said that they can go swimming in another one and half hour. A torture for me as well when Iman counted every minutes as they passed by. Finally, its time..

the girls having a break

our picnic at the swimming pool
And guess what?
Najjah came for a visit.. Waaaahhh... Nice having you.. Thank you for coming.



so cantik akak make up fatimah tu.i like!

Azrul said...

agaggaaa.. lady gaga.... thanyuuussss.. keep on commenting..


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