Jul 9, 2010

Indah khabar dari rupe?

Tidak meninggalkan kesan yang sepatutnya macam citer Twilight dulu.. Itu lah yang aku boleh cakap bila habis je tengok Eclipse malam tadi.. Haishh.. Walaubagaimanapun seperti telah aku jangkakan yang aku takkan berpuas hati kerana aku tahu director yang berlainan menyebabkan Eclipse tidak sehebat Twilight.. Haiishhh...

Sequel yang seterusnya; Breaking Dawn, akan dijadikan dua movie. Well Twilight Saga nye produksi telah pun membayar bermillion million dollar pada tiga pelakon ($25mil seorang okeehhh) utama ini bagi dua lagi filem pehtu abeh ler.... Aku betul-betul nak dorang tukar director and ambik balik director twilight dulu tu.. Dorang tak nampak ke perbezaan kualiti filem yang pompuan tu direct dengan lagi dua director tu??

Nak ke aku tengok lagi sekali Eclipse???

Tak nakk!!! Baik aku tengok Kartun Despicable Me or Predators.. Lagi best kot..

Tolong la ambik balik Cartherine Hardwick tu balik untuk direct sequel seterusnya weyyhh!!!

Kat bawah ni merupakan komen yang aku baca daripada salah seorang peminat movie Twilight Saga nih dan aku sangat2 bersetuju dan sependapat denagn beliau..

by glitzypearl (Tue Nov 24 2009 17:08:38)

Catherine is such an incredible director and the focus of all Twilight books is on the emotional rollercoaster that Bella and Edward experience. The excitement, the pain, the fear, the love, the worry, the love!! When you read the books you feel as though your going through what the character is experiencing. When I read New Moon I felt it heart breaking as Bella dealt with life without Edward because it reminded me of previous personal break ups and the emotional anguish one endures.

Twilight the movie captured that power from the book, thanks to Catherine. She felt as passionate about the books as I and many others do and she gave it her all, that was clear. It wasn't rushed. Every seen was carefully crafted, every song was tried and tested until the perfect one slotted into the perfect place in the movie, the actors seemed more at ease and all in all she moulded it into a film that matched the book to as close to possible as she could.

New Moon doesn't convey the spirit of the Twilight books remotely. It is a huge disappointment. Money money money. That was the primary concern of it's makers. Rush it, get it made as quick as possible so it's in the cinema before Christmas. Then we'll make more money money money from New Moon merchandise at Christmas. It is a classic Hollywood blunder.

Those with the loudest voice for the Twilight movies felt their primary goal was to get it made asap, shove in some fancy action sequences etc etc, throw in a bita music here and there and zooooooom in on Bellas face constantly(apparently that's supposed to accurately reflect her emotions).

Thirteen is one of the most powerful films emotionally that I have ever seen. I have watched it about 6 times and I get goosebumps at the end because I am so shaken and affected by the characters emotional anguish. If you saw New moon and havnt seen Thirteen, watch it. It is so so incredible and has given me the up-most respect for Catherine Hardwicke. She has a gift, she is an artist and she passionately creates a film. She would have seen New Moon as a work of art, not a pay cheque.

Please bring Catherine back for Breaking Dawn.
I have little hope Eclipse will be any good, it was filmed in how little a time period????
Breaking Dawn was my favourite of the Twilight series and I will be devastated if it's treated in the same manner as New Moon. Rush rush rush.

Please bring Catherine back.

I am totally agree with you glitzypearl.. *taken from THIS WEBSITES*

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